Della Porta Construction is a commercial and residential construction company engaged in the construction of architecturally sophisticated projects of the highest quality. Since 1998, DPC has been building homes, medical and hospitality facilities, commercial properties, and managing construction repairs and renovations along Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Our Team

Municipality Relationships

Relationships matter, and Della Porta clients benefit from our reputation and years of building strong relationships. Not only do we avoid unnecessary holdups, but Della Porta Construction knows who to contact to get even the most unique jobs done. A strong track record of quality work, organized files, and attention to detail has led Della Porta Construction to be well-regarded among the Treasure Coast building municipalities. Site inspectors know to expect quality when visiting a Della Porta Construction site, permits are issued quickly and upon first request, and municipality hook-ups are completed efficiently because they know Della Porta building sites are ready when we say they are.

Vendor Relationships

Della Porta Construction is honored to work with the best craftsmen on the Treasure Coast; our vendors know and respect our clear estimate expectations, our commitment to a safe jobsite, and our dedication to quality. In return, our vendors know they will be treated fairly. Our vendor relationships give our customers ample options for their building projects, and allow us to maintain our reputation as one of the best builders on the Treasure Coast.